I am passionate about inspiring you to move with a more compete understanding of your physical alignment. Employing Contrology, the work of Joseph Pilates, we will create a deeper connection in the body that enhances functional movement leading toward injury prevention & improved athletic skill.

Hello, I'm Meg Ryan
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What is Pilates?

It is not physical therapy, it is not massage, it is not yoga, its is not meditation - IT IS just sweaty, hard exercise. Joe understood that the body repairs and strengthens itself through movement. Many painful conditions in the body are caused by simple imbalances, stresses or a collapse. Correcting these imbalances and relieving the stress often can relieve the pain. The corrections found in the work may lead to such benefits including injury prevention and improved athlectic skill.

Pilates is a workout that will keep your body functioning as it ages and enables you to do whatever you enjoy doing for longer. Pilates is good for anyone who is interested in improving his or her FITNESS, POSTURE, COORDINATION, BALANCE, FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND OVERALL WELL BEING. The Pilates method can be adapted to suit any fitness level.


The Studio is equipped with


New Students

To begin your Pilates journey; start with the Intro Private Pilates Sessions,

where we can work one on one to

-assess your body needs,

-re-teach your body to engage correctly,

-teach you the essential principles of Pilates,

-get comfortable with the Pilates movements and equipment,

-set the game plan on how Pilates can help you reach your fitness goals.


*Please Note: The Intro Deal is valid for one time purchase only.

Experienced Students

By revisiting the Pilates Method as it was intended, an experienced Pilates student or teacher will enhance their understanding of the method and deepen their regular workouts. The experienced student will learn to distill each exercise down to its essence, resulting in a challenging yet satisfying workout.